Re|Bank is a digital bank in Georgia that makes retail banking simple and fresh. They split up payments into 6 parts and have tons of partners where card holders can get discounts.

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My role

UI Design

Interaction Design

Other designers & Roles

Nikoloz Burchuladze - UX Designer

Zura Chavchanidze - Creative Director

Temo Gabechava - Product Manager

Client Side

Nini Burduli - Product Manager


2020 Oct - 2021 Dec

Brief was

They had big, brilliant ideas but their website and design language didn’t match up. So they decided to start from scratch and create a new visual language that would appeal to their target audience: tech-savvy 20-35 year olds with average salaries who love shopping. They also wanted to introduce new features, like a partners page with lots of discounts for cardholders. That’s where Slick studio came in. They’d already handled the UX design, and now they needed someone to create a UI for the card page. If that page was approved, we could move on to the rest of the project.

First steps

At the beginning of the project, my main focus was to create a delightful color palette and a style guide for their website. During my research, I discovered that one of their biggest challenges was gaining the trust of users. Many people felt that the company was just another tech giant, not really designed with human needs in mind. To tackle this issue, I came up with an exciting idea: using captivating images of real people and sharing their authentic stories about how they use the bank. This way, we could showcase the human side of the company and build trust among visitors.

Another interesting insight I found during my research was that the target audience absolutely loved emojis. They were using them everywhere, so I thought, “Why not bring some of that fun and playfulness to the website?” I decided to incorporate emojis into the design, replacing some of the boring default icons. This not only added a touch of personality but also resonated with the users on a more emotional level.

Furthermore, I noticed that the bank’s card, which is one of its standout features and advantages, was not getting the attention it deserved on the website. So, I made it a priority to showcase the card more prominently. By highlighting its benefits and demonstrating how it can improve the users’ experience, we could effectively communicate its value to potential customers.

Overall, my aim was to create a website that felt approachable, trustworthy, and human-centered. By incorporating real faces, leveraging the popularity of emojis, and showcasing the card, we were able to address the initial concerns and create a friendlier and more engaging user experience.

It’s time to Present

On the day of the presentation, we were thrilled to unveil our ideas to the team. We showcased our concepts, including an interactive card page that featured annotations and captivating animations, illustrating how it would seamlessly come to life as users scrolled through the website.

Green light!

After the presentation, the entire team was filled with excitement and expressed their genuine love for all the ideas and designs we presented. They enthusiastically mentioned that our work perfectly connected with their vision and goals, and they had no further feedback to provide.

The party goes on

With the green light from the team, we were thrilled to embark on the entire project. Our first steps involved working simultaneously on the components library and the UI. We kicked things off by focusing on finalizing the card page, ensuring that every detail was meticulously crafted. Once that was successfully accomplished, we eagerly transitioned to shaping the Home page

Final UI

It was time to design all of the pages and states based on the wireframes, style guide, and components.

Home Page

We highlighted the key features and pages on the home page


Partner's page serves as a dedicated space where cardholders can discover a wide range of offers from our partner companies.

Loan & Installment

Individuals have the opportunity to access various financial services such as loans, instalments, and the option to refinance existing ones from other banks.


Cardholders can also access exclusive offers directly from the Bank. So we have designed a visually appealing and organised page to showcase these special offers in a list format.


On this page, we provide users with the latest news and blog updates.

Other pages

We designed all the pages and states. Additionally, we included annotations to provide clear instructions for the developers during the handoff process.

According to research, nearly 70% of our users use mobile, so we needed to ensure that they had the same experience on their smartphones.

🇬🇪 Giorgi Chanadiri

🇬🇪 Giorgi Chanadiri

CIO, Pasha Bank Georgia

They were innovative and modern — they're an overall good and experienced team. Project management was fully comfortable for us; they were flexible, timely, had an agile approach, and were result-oriented."

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